Awards Issued at the 2019 RCNA Convention in Calgary

Award Recipient Location   Title
Paul Fiocca Award  William Waychison Timmins, ON    
Guy Potter Literary Award Michael Souza Vancouver, BC   "The Occupation of Hong Kong and the Life of a Veteran"  April 2018 CNJ- page 116
Jerry Remick III Literary Award Wayne Hansen Edmonton, AB  
In the December 2018 issue of The Planchet
"The Tale of a Memphis Alexander : From Obscurity to a Slightly Less Obscure Obscurity"
Louise Graham 'Club of the Year' Award Windsor Coin Club      
Best Regional / National Newsletter Award Canadian Paper Money Society Newsletter    
Best Regional / National Newsletter Editor Award Paul Petch Toronto, ON  
Best Local Club Newsletter Award Edmonton Numismatic Society
     The Planchet
Best Local Club Newsletter Editor Award Joe Kennedy Edmonton, AB    
Sheldon Carroll 'Best of Show' Award Albert Kaiser Calgary, AB  
James E. Charlton Junior Exhibit Award NONE NONE    
Jean Bullen Award Jamie Flamenbaum  Ottawa, ON   Other Ways of Collecting Silver Dollars
Chuck D. Moore Award Robert Kokotailo Calgary, AB

Fellow Awards

Award Recipient Location
Fellow Awards Steve Woodland Ottawa, ON
  Dan McCormick Halifax, NS

Presidential Awards

  • Jim McKenzie  -- Saskatoon, SK
  • Barrie Renwick -- Calgary, AB
  • Jacques Poitras -- Edmundston, NB
  • Lisa McPherson -- Brantford ON
  • Rob Turner -- Las Vegas, NV
  • Doug Andrews -- Winnipeg, MB
  • Scott E. Douglas -- Acton, ON
  • Paul Johnson -- Markham, ON

Non-RCNA Awards

The J. Douglas Ferguson Award is the highest award in Canadian numismatics and is given annually to the living numismatist who, in the opinion of the Board, has contributed most to the advancement of numismatics in Canada, through research, writing or publishing, or in any other manner, who has not previously received the award.

This year's winner is Stanley Clute.

Category A

Category Recipient Location   Title
A Canadian Coins & Tokens
1st Jamie Flamenbaum     "Other Ways of Collecting Silver Dollars"
2nd Albert Kaiser  Calgary, AB   "Canada’s Attractive gold coins"



Category B

Category Recipient Location   Title
B Canadian Coins & Tokens
1st Randy Nielson  Stirling, AB   "Canadian Centennial Currency"
2nd Albert Kaiser  Calgary, AB   "The Comeback of Sir Wilfred Laurier"
3rd  NOT AWARDED      

Category C

Category Recipient Location   Title
C Canadian Coins & Tokens
1st Albert Kaiser Calgary, AB   "Canada's Near-Miss Jubilee Year 1867-1927"
2nd Randy Nelson Stirling, AB   "Vimy Ridge Pilgrimage Medals"
3rd Ron Greene Victoria, BC   "Gibson Medals"

Category D

Category Recipient Location   Title
D Canadian Coins & Tokens
1st Randy Nelson Stirling, AB   "Numismatic Trench Art"
2nd Albert Kaiser/David Secord Calgary, AB   "True Coins of Edward"
3rd  NOT AWARDED      

Category E

Category Recipient Location   Title
E Canadian Coins & Tokens
1st Albert Kaiser Calgary, AB   "Greenland's Colonial Paper Money 1913-1967"
2nd Randy Nelson Stirling, AB   "Operation Bernhardt Counterfeit Notes"
3rd Cassidy Shroud     "Hyperinflation in the Weirmar Republic"

Category F

Category Recipient Location   Title
F Non‐Canadian medals, orders, decorations and other numismatic items which are not media of exchange
1st Albert Kaiser Calgary, AB   "Medallic Images of Edward"
2nd Randy Nelson Stirling, AB   "The Good Luck Tokens of Thurston the Magician"

G Junior Exhibits by Persons Age 16 - 18
1st NOT AWARDED      
2nd NOT AWARDED      
3rd NOT AWARDED      
H Juvenile Exhibits by Persons Under 16 Years of Age
1st NOT AWARDED      
2nd NOT AWARDED      

Best of Show

This year's winner of Best of Show was Albert Kaiser.

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