C.N.A. Fiftieth Anniversary Commemoratives for Sale

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of The Canadian Numismatic Association, the following souvenir items are offered for sale. All prices in Canadian funds.


Souvenir Item 1

The Canadian Numismatic Association - A Half Century of Advancement in Numismatics, written by C.N.A. Archivist Stanley Clute, traces the history of the C.N.A from the events leading up to its inception in 1950 through to 2000. A hard covered, nine by six inch, 148-page book, is not only chock full of widely known facts, but covers much little known and/or unpublished material and includes an abundance of photos, some of which have not been seen before. The cost of the book is $18 including postage and handling. The cost for five or more books is $15 each, including postage and handling (outside Canada please add $2).


Souvenir Item 2

The Golden Anniversary Souvenir Medallion is 38 mm antiqued gold finish, featuring on the obverse the C.N.A. Golden Anniversary logo, designed by Diane Levesque, and on the reverse the likeness of Sheldon S. Carroll, founding President of the C.N.A. Total mintage: 250 medallions. Cost: $10 each, incl. postage if applicable.


Souvenir Item 3

The Golden Anniversary Scrip features, on the front, the Golden Anniversary logo on the left and the likeness of Sheldon Carroll on the right. On the back are the names of the current and past presidents of the C.N.A. and its long serving executive secretary, along with each of their years of service in their respective capacities. Total printing 250 notes. Cost: $5 each incl. postage if applicable.


Souvenir Item 4

The Golden Anniversary Commemorative Pin features a modified Anniversary logo, with gold lettering on a white background. Total manufactured 250. Cost: $5 each including postage if applicable.

# Item Qty Unit Price Amount 

1. History of the C.N.A. (1-4) x $18 $_____ 
History of the C.N.A. (5+) x $15 $_____ 

2. Souvenir Medallion x $10 $_____ 

3. Scrip x $ 5 $_____ 

4. Commemorative Pin x $ 5 $_____

Additional Costs: $ *_____

* if ordering Item 1 and outside Canada, add $2

NAME (Please Print) ___________________________________________________

ADDRESS _______________________________________________________________

CITY ________________________________________________ PROV ___________

POSTAL/ZIP CODE __________________________ COUNTRY ___________________
Make cheques and money orders payable to The Canadian Numismatic Association and mail to:

The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association 
5694 Highway #7 East, Suite 432 
Markham ON Canada L3P 1B4

For more information contact the Executive Secretary of The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association

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