The RCNA Coin Kids 101 correspondence course is undergoing an update and is unavailable at this time. More information will be announced as it becomes available.

Kids n' Coins also holds a Youth auction in conjunction with the RCNA Annual Convention, which is held in various Canadian cities since 1954. The auction provides young numismatists less than 18 years old with the opportunity to learn both about coins and coin auctions through hands-on experience. RCNA members and dealers donate materials for the youth auction. The youth participants bid for items using play currency and keep those items won.

For further information on the RCNA's Kids n' Coins project, please contact:

Cassidy Stroud, F.O.N.A.
RCNA National Youth Coordinator at:

Juniors interested in joining the RCNA should visit Member Services for further information on all of the benefits of membership. Juniors who apply will qualify to receive a Kids n' Coins kit.

If any collectors or dealers wish to donate items for junior members, please e-mail us with information on what you would like to donate so we can confirm that these items are not already on hand in sufficient quantity. Donors are acknowledged on the summary sheet in the Kits as well as in The CN Journal.


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