2009 RCNA Edmonton Convention

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Wednesday, August 12 to Sunday, August 16, 2009
Bourse: Thursday - Saturday


General Co-Chairman: Jamie Horkulak
General Co-Chairman: Howard Gilbey
General Co-Chairman: Marc Bink
Bourse Chairman: Jamie Horkulak
Treasurer: Pierre Driessen
Exhibit Displays/Medal Design: Terry Cheesman
Progams & Brochures: Dan Gosling, F.R.C.N.A.
Registration: Greg Wichman
preRegistration: Marv Berger, Pierre Driessen, Marc Bink
Transportation: Vacant
Mint Liason: Steve Woodland
Tours: Cathy Arbeau
Advertising: David Peter
Security: John Callaghan
Hospitality Suite: Tony Peter
Spousal Craft Sessions: Diana Kennedy & Judi Gosling
RCNA Liaison: Dan Gosling, F.R.C.N.A.

Contact Information

RCNA 2009
c/o P.O. Box 75024 Ritchie P.O.
Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6E 6K1

Got a question? Contact:
Jamie Horkulak
Telephone: 780-468-9612 (evenings and weekends) or 780-903-5343 (weekdays)


Delta Edmonton South
Hotel and Conference Centre
4404 Gateway Boulevard
Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5C2

There was no auction this year.

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