2012 Calgary RCNA Convention

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July 19 - 22, 2012 (bourse Friday - Sunday)

There is FREE admission to the bourse floor/coin show.

The Royal Canadian Mint in having a coin exchange at their booth. You bring in an old coin and they will exchange it for one of the new recently issued commemorative coins of the same denomination.


Committee members:

Convention & Bourse Chairman James Williston
Co-Chairman Al Munro
Bourse Co-Chairman Stan Clute
Finance Mark Anderson
Hotel Liaison Cec Jahrig
Registration Ron Moore
Security Robert Albrecht
Convention Program James Williston
Banquet Cec Jahrig
Hospitality & Spousal Program Marion Munro
Exhibits Lonnie Duncan
Publicity & Advertising Greg Ingram
James Williston
Activities & Tours Al Munro
Youth Program Harold Wilson
Secretary Ron Moore
Souvenir Program James Williston
Serge Pelletier
Banquet Program Dan Gosling


The Canadian Numismatic CompanyC&P Numismatics

The Canadian Numismatic Company
5220 1st Ave.,
Quebec City, Quebec,
G1H 2V2, Canada

Toll-Free: 1-877-276-8627
Fax: 418-628-2790
Web site: www.tcnccoins.com/

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