The Louise Graham Memorial "Club of the Year" Award was established in 1986 to honour the memory of this member who was the C.N.A. General Secretary from 1954 until her retirement in 1971.

The award is offered annually to R.C.N.A. member clubs entering a competition to acknowledge the club having made the most significant overall achievement on behalf of its members and of the hobby. Clubs entering this competition provide reports of their activities during the previous calendar year. These are judged on the basis of topics at meetings, originality of initiatives, educational and numismatic promotions, coin shows and consistency of meetings. A panel of judges announces its decision at the following annual R.C.N.A. Convention.

Any club or association wishing to enter this competition may do so by submitting a typed report on their activities during the previous calendar year. This report should consist of at least two typed standard letter pages and must be received by the committee by March 31st. The club that wins this competition receives a silver Louise Graham Award medal and $250. The presentation is made at the Convention banquet.

Entries must be mailed to:
Brett Irick
RCNA Club Services Chairman
Suite 505, 5060 Tecumseh Road East
Windsor, ON N8T 11



Year Awarded For Award Recipient Year Award Presented Convention Location
2022 Le Club de Numismates du Bas Saint Laurent 2023 Halifax
2021 Waterloo Coin Society 2022 Ottawa
2020 Calgary Numismatic Society 2021 Virtual
2019 Calgary Numismatic Society 2020 n/a
2018 Windsor Coin Club 2019 Calgary
2017 Canadian Tire Collectors Club 2018 Mississauga
2016 Regina Coin Club 2017 Boucherville
2015 South Wellington Coin Society 2016 Ottawa
2014 Le Club de Numismates du Bas St-Laurent 2015 Halifax
2013 Manitoba Coin Club 2014 Toronto
2012 Windsor Coin Club 2013 Winnipeg
2011 Windsor Coin Club 2012 Calgary
2010 Calgary Numismatic Society 2011 Windsor
2009 Waterloo Coin Society 2010 Saint John
2008 City of Ottawa Coin Club 2009 Edmonton
2007 Regina Coin Club 2008 Ottawa
2006 Calgary Numismatic Society 2007 Niagara Falls
2005 Calgary Numismatic Society 2006 Niagara Falls
2004 Le Club de Numismates du Bas St-Laurent (Rimouski, Québec) 2005 Calgary
2003 Windsor Coin Club 2004 Toronto
2002 Edmonton Numismatic Society 2003 Windsor
2001 No Entries


2002 Vancouver
2000 Calgary Numismatic Society 2001 Quebec
1999 Not Awarded 2000 Ottawa
1998 Edmonton Numismatic Society 1999 Kitchener
1997 Edmonton Numismatic Society 1998 Edmonton
1996 Waterloo Coin Society 1997 Moncton
1995 Taylor Evans Coin Society (Guelph, Ontario) 1996 Montreal
1994 Edmonton Coin Club 1995 Calgary
1993 Calgary Numismatic Society 1994 Hamilton
1992 Calgary Numismatic Society 1993 Moncton
1991 L'Association des Collectionneurs de Monnaies des Laurentides (St-Jerome, Quebec) 1992 Montreal
1990 Calgary Numismatic Society 1991 Toronto
1989 Le Club de Numismates du Bas St. Laurent (Rimouski, Québec) 1990 Vancouver
1988 Regina Coin Club 1989 Quebec City
1987 Regina Coin Club 1988 Charlottetown
1986 Calgary Numismatic Society 1987 Calgary

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