In 1990, the Executive Committee of the C.N.A established a member service award: Fellow – Royal Canadian Numismatic Association. To be recognized for this award a member of The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association must have performed a worthy service judged to be of a direct benefit to the association. The Awards and Medals Committee chooses the recipients from nominations made by members. The committee then presents its choices, up to 5 each year, at the annual convention. An award of: Fellow in The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association authorizes use of the letters, F.R.C.N.A. to follow the recipient’s name. The first awards were made at the 1991 Convention in Toronto, Ontario.

A committee of at least 3 members review the nominations, which must be in the hands of the committee by March 31, and choose those to be inducted that year. Nominations must be mailed to:

William Waychison, F.R.C.N.A., F.C.N.R.S.
PO Box 466
Timmins ON P4N 7E3

Members awarded F.R.C.N.A. 1991 to date

Member Year
Mark Dalrymple, F.R.C.N.A. 2023
Judy Blackman, F.R.C.N.A. 2023
Lisa McPherson, F.R.C.N.A. 2023
France Duranleau Waychison, F.R.C.N.A. 2023
Clifford Mishler, F.R.C.N.A. 2023
James Bailie, F.R.C.N.A. 2022
Bob Fritsch, F.R.C.N.A. 2022
Alan Roy, F.R.C.N.A. 2021
Brett Irick, F.R.C.N.A. 2021
Cassidy Stroud, F.R.C.N.A. 2021
William O'Brien, F.R.C.N.A. 2020
Harry James, F.R.C.N.A. 2020
Jasmin Lavoie, F.R.C.N.A. 2020
Stephen Woodland, F.R.C.N.A. 2019
Dan McCormick, F.R.C.N.A. 2019
Robert Graham, F.R.C.N.A. 2018
Kevin Day-Thorburn, F.R.C.N.A. 2018
Tom Craig, F.R.C.N.A. 2018
Jacques Poitras, F.R.C.N.A. 2017
Rob Turner, F.R.C.N.A. 2017
Ron Cheek, F.R.C.N.A. 2016
Jeff Wilson, F.R.C.N.A. 2016
Robert Forbes, F.R.C.N.A. 2015
Ron Greene, F.R.C.N.A. 2015
Tim Henderson, F.R.C.N.A. 2014
George Manz, F.R.C.N.A. 2014
Serge Pelletier, F.R.C.N.A. 2013
James Williston, F.R.C.N.A. 2013
Scott Douglas, F.R.C.N.A. 2012
Barrie Renwick, F.R.C.N.A. 2012
Clarke, Tom, F.R.C.N.A. 2011
Clarke, Margaret, F.R.C.N.A. 2011
Nienhuis, Henry, F.R.C.N.A., F.C.N.R.S. 2010
Cross, W.K., F.R.C.N.A. 2010
Chimirri-Russell, Geraldine, F.R.C.N.A. 2009
Schoff, Vic, F.R.C.N.A. 2009
Moore, Charles, F.R.C.N.A. 2008
Freeman, Fred, F.R.C.N.A. 2008
Rogers, Tom, F.R.C.N.A. 2008
Turrini, Michael 'Stan', F.R.C.N.A. 2007
Kamb, Bill, F.R.C.N.A. 2007
Copan, Les, F.R.C.N.A. 2005
Cornwell, Brian, F.R.C.N.A. 2005
Fraser, George, F.R.C.N.A. 2004
Gosling, Dan, F.R.C.N.A. 2004
Kay, Marvin, F.R.C.N.A. 2003
Charlton, Jim, F.R.C.N.A. 2002
Petch, Paul, F.R.C.N.A. 2002
Clute, Stan, F.R.C.N.A. 2000
Smith, Ingrid, F.R.C.N.A. 2000
Boyer, Chris, F.R.C.N.A. 1999
Masters, Tom, F.R.C.N.A. 1999
Bell, Geoffrey, F.R.C.N.A. 1998
Williams, Norman, F.R.C.N.A. 1998
Johnson, Paul, F.R.C.N.A. 1997
Munro, Al V., F.R.C.N.A. 1997
Kennedy, Tom, F.R.C.N.A. 1996
Uman, Barry, F.R.C.N.A. 1996
Salterio, Earl, F.R.C.N.A. 1994
Prophet, Kenneth, F.R.C.N.A. 1993
Marquis, Yvon, F.R.C.N.A. 1992
Waychison, Bill, F.R.C.N.A. 1992
Regitko, John, F.R.C.N.A. 1991
Remick, Jerome, F.R.C.N.A. 1991

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