The Jean Bullen Award was established in 2004 as an annual presentation for the best exhibit of Canadian coins displayed by a member at the current R.C.N.A. Convention. At her passing, Jean Bullen made a financial bequest to provide an award for the category she had favoured most - one in which her outstanding Canadian collection frequently took 1st place, and often advanced to win “Best of Show”.

The C.N.A. Executive named the award in memory of Jean Bullen and to acknowledge her generous bequest. The prize is a portrait style silver medal, which is presented to the winning exhibitor during the Convention banquet.

The Jean Bullen Award Recipients

2023 Paul Demerchant "Joseph Olivia Patenaude and the JOP Dollars"

2022 Chris Boyer "J O Patenaude and the JOP Silver Dollar Coins”"

2019 Jamie Flamenbaum "Other Ways of Collecting Silver Dollars"

2018 Brett Irick "Pedigree Lost and Found"

2017 Harvey Richer 

2016 Henry Nienhuis

2015 John Siteman "Colonial One Cent Coin of Nova Scotia (1861 - 1864)"

2014 Chris Boyer "The J.O.P. Dollar"

2013 Chris Boyer "The J.O.P. Dollar"

2012 Randy Nelson "A Timeline of the Canadian Cent"

2011 Henry Nienhuis "Canadian Five Cents - 1951"

2010 Henry Nienhuis "King George V 5-cent Specimen Strikes"

2009 Brett Irick Canadian Fifty-Cent Coins of 1947 - 1948

2008 Brett Irick Canadian Fifty-Cent Coins of 1947 - 1948 

2007 Not Awarded 

2006 John Gruyich 

2005 Not Awarded 

2004 Larry White

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